Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hi All

Hello there blog fans!
With a slight push from my good friend Sian i have started my very first blog (and yes she is now sat over my shoulder supervising me and making sure i do it!)

She said to me that some of my rants about my beloved husband are very funny and that my sheer blunt opinions about relationships should be noted down and so here i am typing very poorly i might add with a million things whooshing through my head and not a clue where to start...

So here goes my name is Jess Phelps i am 27 years old i live in Dudley near Birmingham in England not USA. I live with my beloved husband Rob and we have been together since i was 17. We have been married since October 2010 and i would like to tell you all about the things that people forget to tell you or maybe miss out as they don't want you to run for the hills screaming before you get married. 

Things like he will always say its your turn to wash up even though its not, you will have to pick up after him just like his mother, you will always have to cut his toast up into soldiers and no matter how many time you remind him that the bins are to be put out on a Tuesday night you will always been outside in your PJs at 6am on a Wednesday chasing down the road after the bin men.

more fun and antics to come soon i hope ...  

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